Established in 1987, Kotobuki has become a well-celebrated restaurant offering a full range of both traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine on Long Island for over twenty years. Founded as a small eatery in Hauppauge, it has spanned across the island with three locations in both counties, striving to bring to its respective neighborhoods the best in Japanese cuisine in consideration of the interests of local patrons. Beyond teriyaki and tempura, Kotobuki endeavors to relentlessly revolutionize the facets of Japanese fare to craft extraordinary delights to satisfy even the most discerning of palates. The creation of innovative appetizers and rolls of our chefs has met the accolades of both conservative and liberal tastes.
Through the years, Kotobuki’s philosophy has been to value the advancement of our menu, our caring service and attention to detail, and the affordability of our dining experience with the customer always on our mind. For over two decades, we continue to promise you nothing, but our best.

In high spirits, our staff welcomes you to the experience the magic that is Kotobuki.
"Nothing on the island compares" to the "supremely fresh", "pristine" and "beautiful" sushi -including "butterlike" sashimi and fried oysters "to die for" - that's "expertly prepared" at these Babylon ans Hauppauge "gems" (with a new Roslyn addition), rated No. 1 for Food on Long Island; reviewers say the rooms are separely decorated, service is "lively" if "inconsistent" and the "wait can be torture" (no reservation taken), but "once you finally sit down", you're in for "a most pleasurable experience."